Torr Quarry (Somerset) - Example

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  • Torr Quarry - Somerset
    • Impacts on Industry on the physical environment
      • Manufacturing plants can look dull and affect the visual effect of the landscape
      • Industrial processes and waste pollution can cause air, water and soil pollution
      • The transport of raw materials and manufacturing products increases levels of air pollution.
    • How can industrial development be more sustainable?
      • Care in design can reduce the visual impact
      • Technology can be used to reduce harmful emissions
      • Desulphurisation can remove harmful gases
      • Heavy fines can be imposed when pollution incidents occur
    • Quarrying in the UK
      • Impacts
        • Destroy natural habitats
        • Pollute water courses
        • Scar landscapes
      • Making it more sustainable
        • Recycling is encouraged
        • Companies are expected to restore or improve a quarry after it has been used
    • It is a limestone quarry in the Mendip hills. It employs over 100 people and contributes more than £15 million towards the local economy each year
    • Example of how modern industrial development can be more environmentally sustainable
      • The quarry is being restored to create wildlife lakes
      • 200 acres of the site have already been landscaped
      • Regular monitoring of noise, vibration, dust and water quality
      • Rail transport of quarried rock minimises the impact on local areas and villages


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