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  • Totalitarianism
    • Struggle for power after Lenin's death 1924
    • Stalin manipulated individuals to gain support
      • 1928 onwards= redefined Marxism-Leninism and Russia became totalitarian
    • Stalin's ideology
      • Command economy
        • Change the super-structure
      • Control of economy, society, and politics.
        • Achieved through propaganda
        • Achieved through increased censorship and repression on a mass scale
    • Destalinisation
      • Power struggle following Stalin's death
        • Khrushchev in control
      • 1956- plan to move Soviet Union away from Stalinism
        • De-Stalinisation process
          • Releasing gulag prisoners
          • Relaxing censorship
          • Removing cult of personality
        • Denounced Stalin on the grounds that...
          • Lenin didn't choose Stalin
          • Stalin wasn't prepared for WW2
          • Allies alienated
          • Crimes against the Russian people
    • Stalin and totalitarianism
      • Exploited the situation to solve Russia's problems
      • No one allowed to question 5 Year Plan or collectivis-ation
      • Stalin built on a base laid by Lenin
        • He believed Lenin would have moved towards totalitarianism
      • Did anything to maintain power


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