Trade Unions

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  • Trade Unions
    • Definition
      • A group of workers who join together
      • 6.66 million people are registered with unions
    • Why?
      • To protect their own interests
      • To be more powerful when negotiating with their employers
    • Costs
      • An annual fee per person
      • Contributes towards...
        • The costs and expenses that the trade unions incurs
        • Providing services
        • Supports industrial action by workers
    • Aims
      • To improve the pay of its members
      • To improve working conditions and the working practices of its members
      • To support the training and the professional development of its members
      • To ensure that their members' interests are considered by the employers when any decision is made which will affect the workforcde
    • Impacts of strikes in HSC settings
      • Delayed appointments/ care
      • Could put patients at risk
      • Better pay = better service
      • Pay increase might attract more people to the job
      • Safer patient care as they will not be overworked
    • Real life example
      • Nurses strike 2022 for better pay
      • Michael O’Leary Owner of Ryanair Net Worth: £745 million
        • Ryan Flight Attendant Wage: £18.000 p/a Current Living Wage: £21,000 p/a
      • UNISON
        • NHS
      • GMB
        • Social Care


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