Othello Tradgey play

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  • Tradegy
    • Domestic
      • a drama set in a household
    • Disorder
      • a state of lawlessness/ rule breaking characterised by unpredictable events
    • Anti-Hero
      • A character who doesn't fit the normal model of a hero
    • Hamarita
      • the hero's fatal error that leads to their inevitable downfall
    • Redemption
      • the chance to make up for your faults
    • Noble
      • A character who has excellent qualities
    • Signifiers
      • Signs or symbols that hint at future events
    • Catharsis
      • cleansing the mind and soul through the release of emotion
    • Hubris
      • Over-inflated sense of self which leads to hamartia
    • Duplicity
      • deceitful behaviour


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