Training of a magistrate

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  • Training of a magistrate
    • Initial training
      • The applicant will undergo the basics of a magistrates role.
        • They will then sit in court with two experienced magistrates
    • Core training
      • First 12 months further training is required
      • Observations used to increase young magistrates knowledge
      • Each new magistrate is given the opportunity to read further into the field if the wish
    • Consolidation training
      • This takes place after first year
      • Mainly used to plan future engagment with the court
    • First appraisal
      • After 12-18 months after the mentor and new magistrate believe they are ready the new justice is appraised.
      • Another trained magistrate will sit on the bench to observe the new magistrate
        • If the new magistrate seems competent of meeting requirements they are considered ready for the role of an official magistrate.
    • Further training
      • Appraisals every 3 years
      • Continuation traing
        • Once every three years before appraisals
      • Update training
        • Training on any new legislations coming into law
      • Threshold training
        • Specialty training so they can go further e.g chair magistrate or hear youth or family cases


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