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  • Implementing sensory therapy into long term care plans
    • Best Practice
      • Provides comfort and relaxation to children in a different environment they're used to
        • (Berger, Dorita, 2002)
      • A journal with insider perspective said it can particularly help children with autism; helping with meltdowns
        • (Berges, Dorita, 2002)
      • can help stimulate "normal behaviour" increasing chances of healing faster
        • (Volkan-Yazici, 2017)
    • current practice
      • Many sensory rooms have been added in hospitals and wards
        • (Forsyth and Trevarrow)
      • widely used in mental health treatment eg; PTSD, ADHD,
        • (Kaltenbach et al.)
        • CBT therapy
          • Helps with the noncognitive aspects of children's trauma
            • (steel.W, &Kuban,C 2013)
      • The NHS launched a campaign, based on the Beatles song "help"
        • encourages people to seek help for mental health
          • popular artists have become involved and Sony record label has donated proceeded towards it
            • (England, 2022)
    • Person centred implications
      • Activities can be adaptable to patients needs
      • can be adaptable to the environment
      • allows interaction between multi-professional workers within care plan
        • play therapists
        • physiotherapy
        • parents/carer; home activities
        • schools
      • cost effective
    • personal practice
      • better practice by providing a more personal approach to treatment
      • allows patients to open up to you; betters a therapeutic relationship
      • allows nurses to be involved in their patients treatment; more than just clinical treatment
      • enhances life long learning


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