Transition Town Totnes

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  • Transition Town Totnes
    • What is Totnes doing to combat Globalisation?
      • In 2012 the coffee giant Costa Coffee planned to open a Coffee shop in Totnes
        • Almost 6000 people signed a petition and 300 wrote to the council to object
        • There were protests in the streets when the business executives came to Tones
      • In 2007 Totnes launched its own pound
        • The local pound helps the local economy and makes the place more unique which potentially encourages tourists to the area
      • What is Globalisation?
        • The process of businesses developing international influence or start operating on international level
          • Examples
            • Mc Donalds
            • Costa Coffee
          • Globalisation has said to cause 'placelessness' where a local community looses its uniqueness
            • This can ultimately lead to Clone Towns where a high street is dominated by chain stores which makes each own look the same


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