Transport in cells

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  • Transport in cells
    • Diffusion
      • Net movement from high to low concentration
      • All particles (solid, liquid, gas)
      • Factors
        • Difference in concentration
        • temperature
        • surface area
      • Dissolved substances and gases move in and out of cells by diffusion
    • Osmosis
      • movement of water from low to high concentration
      • through a partially permeable membrane
      • animal cells can be damaged if the concentration outside the cell changes dramatically
    • Osmosis in plants
      • Important to maintain Turgor in plant cells
      • if the outside solution is hypotonic, water moves in and keeps the cells rigid
      • Turgid cell (normal)
      • flaccid, water leaving the cell, not as rigid
      • plasmolysed, water leaving with no water coming in
        • pulling away from the cell membrane
    • Active Transport
      • dilute -> concentrated (against the concentration gradient)
      • requires energy from respiration
      • Allows root cells to absorb healthy ions
      • Allows sugar molecules can be absorbed from the gut for respiration


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