treatment of criminals

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  • treatment of criminals: prison, corporal punishment, community service
    • Islam
      • Muslims agree with the use of prison, but under Shari'ah laws, prisons are normally only used when an offender is awaiting trial or punishment - not for reformation
        • some muslims may argue that imprisonment is a greater penalty than infliction of pain through corporal punishment
      • corporal punishment is permitted in Shari'ah law - believed to deter people from committing crime
        • public caning or flogging is used in muslim countries for things like gambling, alcohol, promiscuity
        • some may argue it is a violation of human rights
        • some argue that imprisonment - keeping them away from loved ones - is far less humane than a fleeting infliction of pain
        • Shari'ah law says that the hand of a thief is amputates as punishment - happens infrequently
          • "Cut of the hands of thieves, whether they are man or woman, as punishment for what they have done"
        • "the spirit and essence of Islamic law in its severe penalty is to save lives [...], build a safer society" - Faysal Burhan - Islamic author
      • Community service rarely used in Shari'ah laws because they aren't considered enough of a deterrent to protect society
        • In the case of Ta'azir crimes, the punishment could range from jailing, to fining to sending the offender to a rehabilitation centre
    • Christianity
      • most christians agree that prison should be used for serious crimes
        • many strongly support trying to support prisoners and are keen to see education and training facilities well used
      • corporal punishment - imposing physical pain of anyone, no matter what they have done, is completely unacceptable for most Christians
        • "he who spares the rod hates their children"
          • they do not disagree with discipline - they see positive need for it
        • Jesus' teachings on love and caring for people rule out any physical punishment - he always treated people with respect
      • Christians focus on positive sanctions that help offenders realise the errors of their ways and reform
      • Christians support community service as the aims are positive and offer the chance to reform
        • the CofE produced a report that commended programmes for offenders which required unpaid work in the community


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