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  • Trinity
    • Acclamations used in mass
      • The Gloria- hymn of praise to God's glory and goodness. Thankfulness to God for all his care and love.
      • Alleluia- 'praises to God' Hymn of joy and triumph, praising God and announces the presence of Christ.
      • Sanctus- 'holy' praising God's holiness. Sang before eucharistic prayer.
      • The Mystery of Faith- acknowledgement of the whole of Christ's life, death and resurrection. Used after bread and wine has become blood and body of Jesus.
    • Trinity- How it influences Christians
      • "If you see charity [Love], you see the Trinity. Recognising the pln of the father, who moved by love sent his only-begotten son into the world to redeem man. Jesus gave up his spirit"- Pope Benedict.
      • Mission: Care is given because missionaries belive they should love others as they love God, and as God loves them. They believe they show the love of God in their actions.
      • Evangelism: Knowledge and experience of the love of God is so great they want to share it with other people. Power of HS speaking through preachers to influence the lives and attitudes of other people.
    • Nicene Creed
      • God the Father: GtF is the almighty creator of all things, and the source of all life.
      • God the Son: Christ is the 'only begotten son of God'. Son shares the same nature as the father in the unique way. No distinction in the nature between the Father and the Son, Became human out of love for all people.
      • God the Holy Spirit: Gives life to all things. Comes from both the Father and Son uniting them in love. Equal in majesty, power and worship to the father and son. Inspires people to let them know the will of God.
    • Baptism
      • Origin: Jesus ordered his disciples to 'Go and make disciples of all nations baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
      • Why is it important?
        • Sign of initiation into belief in Christ. Becomes a member of the Church and a child of God. Given the strength of the HS to resist further sins.
        • Takes place 'In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit'. Act of parents choosing child's name symbolises their power and responsibility they have for their child, also giving the child their identity and individuality.
        • Made the sharer in the life of the Father, Son and Spirit. In this way, Grace enters the person's life and are given a new meaning and purpose in life. As a child of God they are called to live in the spirit.
      • Matthew's account:
        • SPIRIT: Shown as a dove, free to go where it wills. Spirit comes down on Jesus and stays with him, reflecting the intimate relationship between them.
        • SON: Jesus called "my son". SoG has always existedand became man in Jesus. The Son and Father are one.
        • FATHER: Unseen but makes his presence felt through his word. The Father loves the Son. The HS is the bond of love between them
  • Psalms: book in OT containing pieces of poetry that are sometimes set to music.
  • Sign of initiation: an action to show that a person has become a formal member of the church.
  • Mission: "sending out" people with a job or function to perform.
  • Evangelism: preaching the good news about jesus to other people.
  • Totally immersed: being under water at a baptism so the whole body and head are covered


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