tropical coral reefs

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  • tropical coral reefs
    • ecological features
      • cilia, provides coral nutrition
      • the physical structure of the reef also provides many places for animals to live
      • the seawater must have low turbidity-turbid water reduces light penetration so photosynthesis would be reduced
      • temp must remain constant between 25 to 29 degrees
    • importance of tropical reefs
      • provide valuable resources and help to resist damaging environmental changes
      • support many species that are exploited for food
      • provides medicines-species of sea squirt treat the cancer soft tissue sarcoma
    • threats
      • physical damage-litter can damage reefs
      • pollution-large oil spills can cover coral reefs
      • sedimentation-turbid water carried by rivers or sediments disturbed by coastal developments can cover and kill corals
    • Conservation efforts
      • Control of fishing-imposing a maximum catchable size to protect large individuals that are likely to produce many young
      • control of tourism-activities may be restricted eg spear fishing may be banned
      • reef creation-artificial reefs have been create from concrete structures


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