tropical rainforest

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  • tropical rainforest
    • ecological features
      • constant warm temp and regular high rainfall allows plants to grow throughout the year-reliable food supply
      • high light level allow photosynthesis rates to be high-providing a lot of food energy to support a rich food web
    • importance of tropical rainforest
      • higher biodiversity increases the chances of finding species that are useful to humans(new food species)
      • rainforest providing forest resources-timber, food and medicines
      • important for increasing downwind rainfall
      • trees store a large amount of carbon
    • threats
      • clearance of alternative land use
      • climate change-droughts will cause more forest fires
      • tourism-an expansion of tourism facilities can threaten habitats
    • conservation efforts
      • the korup national park in cameroon
        • protects 1,260km of tropical rainforest


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