Tropical Storms

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  • Tropical Storms
    • When do tropical storms form?
      • Over water that is 27 degrees or warmer
      • Lots of energy is released when our evaporates
        • This increases the speed and energy of a storm
      • The strength falls as they move over land
    • Why do tropical storms move west?
      • Near the equator, surface winds are mainly trade winds
        • The trade winds move east meaning that tropical storms move from east to west
    • Spin
      • The rotation of the earth causes the Coriolis effect, which makes the storms spin by deflecting winds
    • Features of Tropical Storms
      • Circular shape
      • Hundreds of km wide
      • Eye
        • Descending air
        • Low pressure
        • Rain or wind
        • High temps
      • Eyewall
        • Rising air
        • Very strong wind
        • Torrential rain and storm clouds
        • Low temps
    • Effects of Climate Change
      • Distribution
      • Frequency
      • Intensity


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