Truman and Civil Rights

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  • Truman and Civil Rights
    • The impact of WW2
      • Blk ppl migrated from the south to the north to work in the defence industry
        • "demand for labour forced them to accept AAs"- Reynolds
      • blks and yts had to mix due to living proximity
      • increase in black consciousness led to an increase in activism
        • NAACP membership went from 50K to 450K
      • black veterans offered more with the G.I. Bill
        • 1956- 2.2M veterans used the G.I. Bill
    • Campaign for civil rights
      • CORE 1947
        • led by James Farmer
        • organised wartime sit- ins
        • organised the 'Journey of Reconciliation' to test the S.C ruling against interstate transport segregation
      • NAACP
        • worked to erode litigation e.g. Plessy v. Ferguson
    • Federal and State responses
      • Supreme Court
        • eroded discriminatory constitutional foundations
      • Truman
        • requested civil rights legislation in Congress
        • established Liberal Committee in '47 which called for an end to lynching, poll tax
        • issued Executive Orders to  end discrimination in the army
      • States and Local Govt
        • 11 states had fair employment laws
        • 19 states had some legislation against discrimination
    • the position of AAs in '45
      • education
        • Illiteracy @ 11% in black schls in '45
      • voting
        • Georgia 1946- 5 blk ppl were killed for trying to vote
      • housing
        • Chicago Riot 1947- yt ppl trying to stop blk ppl from moving to yt neighbourhoods
      • segragation
        • 1945- '51: 11 states and 28 cities enacted FEPC


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