Two-Party System: Yes or No?

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  • Does the USA have a two-party system?
    • NO
      • The USA has a 50-party system with individual state parties being autonomous and ideologically varied.
      • Some states are virtually one-party states (Southern states are typically Republican).
      • Third parties have played a significant role in some elections.
      • Many voters join 'groups' or 'movements' rather than parties.
      • Many Americans are self-described as independents.
    • YES
      • All presidents since 1853 have been either Democrat or Republican.
      • Democrats and Republicans combined regularly win over 95% of the vote in presidential elections.
      • In January 2017, all 435 members of the House of Representatives were either Democrats or Republicans.
        • In January2017, 98 of 100 senators were either Democrats or Republicans.
      • Leadership in Congress is organised by the two major parties.
      • State politics is equally dominated by the two major parties.


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