Tybalt Character Profile

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  • Tybalt Character Profile
    • Aggressive
      • Every scene he is in has conflict in some way
        • Act 1 Scene 1 - Fights with Benvolio in the streets
          • "What, drawn and talk of peace! I hate the word, As  hate hell, all Montagues and thee:"
        • Act 1 Scene 5 - Spots Romeo at the party and wants to fight him
          • "Fetch me my rapier, boy"
          • "To strike him dead I hold it not a sin"
    • Loyal
      • Act 1 Scene 5 - He wants to protect his family's pride and dignity by fighting Romeo at the party
        • "by the stock and honour of my kin"
      • Act 3 Scene 2- He is greatly mourned after his death by the Capulets, particularly Juliet and the Nurse
        • "my dearest cousin"
    • Vulnerable
      • Act 5 Scene 3 - Romeo apologises to Tybalt's corpse
        • "liest tho there in thy bloody sheet"


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