Types of ADR

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  • Alternative Dispute resolution
    • Negotiation
      • Negotiation is a process where two parties in a conflict or disagreement try to reach a resolution together. During a negotiation, the parties or their representatives (lawyers) discuss the issues to come to a resolution.
    • Conciliation
      • he process of resolving disputes before a neutral and impartial third party. In other words, conciliation is an effort to reconcile the wishes of the disputing parties to reach an agreement.
    • Arbitration
      • where an independent third party considers the facts and takes a decision that’s legally binding on you, the company, or both.
    • Ombudsman
      • An expert person who investigates complaints about organisations
    • Mediation
      • Mediation is a process where a neutral person assists the parties in discussing the matter and reaching a resolution.
    • defintion: a collective description of methods of resolving disputes otherwise than through the normal trial


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