Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes and Virus

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  • types of cells + Virus
    • Eukaryotes
      • Have a nucleus to hold DNA
      • Have membrane bound organelles
      • Ribosomes 80s and attached to RER or free in cytoplasm
      • No plasmids
      • Cell wall cellulose in plants and chitin in fungi
      • Respiration occurs in the mitochondria
      • outer layer is cell wall in plants and cell membrane in animals
    • Prokaryotes
      • No nucleus and DNA found loose in cytoplasm
      • No membrane bound organelles
      • Respiration carried out in mesosome (ATP produced)
      • Small (1-10?m)
      • ribosomes 70s and free in cytoplasm
      • May contain plasmids  (small, circular, double-stranded DNA molecule that is distinct from a cell's chromosomal DNA)
      • Cell wall made of peptidoglycan (murein)
      • outer layer is cell wall and possibly a slime coat
    • Virus
      • DNA or RNA found in a capsid
      • No ribosomes
      • no membrane bound organelles
      • outer layer is its capsid (protein coat)


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