Types of Conformity

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  • Types of Conformity
    • Identification - We privately (and publicly) change some of our views due to NSI and ISI. This only goes on as long as we are apart of the group.
    • Evaluation - STRENGTH, Can be applied to the workplace, sometimes people in work can agree so strongly that outside influences are ignored and so alternative courses are not considered, we can therefore improve decision making. STRENGTH, There's evidence for all types of conformity. WEAKNESS, our understanding of conformity may be inaccurate, research does not apply in real-life, Asch's study would not happen in real-life, conformity is oversimplified.
    • Compliance - You go along with the group but your opinion does not change privately, caused by NSI. Asch's study, they privately disagreed but publicly agreed.
    • Internalisation - The strongest type, we publicly change our views permanently, caused by ISI because we genuinely believe that they're correct.


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