Types of Data

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  • Qualitative
    • Types of Data
      • Quantitative
        • Information that can be measured and written down with numbers.
        • STRENGTH
          • Quick + simple to analyse; greater number of ppts so can generalise findings better; allows comparisons to be made.
        • WEAKNESS
          • Collects narrow data as pre-set answers may not reflect how people really feel.
      • Primary
        • obtained first hand by the researcher directly from the participants in the research
        • It is collected specifically for the research being carried out.
      • Secondary
        • Data that has been collected by someone else and pre-dates the current research
        • It is not collected specifically for the research being carried out.
        • Meta-analysis: Method of analysis using secondary data
          • This is when a researcher looks at other studies to create a review of a topic area
    • Descriptive information that is expressed in words.
      • Provides depth and detail; given access to thoughts and behaviours that would be diffeicult to study.
      • Less easy to generalise findings; Time consuming to analyse.


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