Types of Family

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  • Types of Family
    • Reconstituted Family
      • One or both partners have previous marriages.
    • Lone Parent Family
      • A single parent with dependent children.
    • Nuclear Family
      • The traditional family - two generations living in the same household.
    • Bean-Pole Family
      • A long & thin multi-generational family.
    • Classic Extended Family
      • A family living in the same household or close by, with regular contact.
    • Modified Extended Family
      • A family living further apart, but still keeping regular contact.
    • Same-Sex Family
      • Two members of the same sex cohabiting.
    • Cohabiting Family
      • A couple living together under the same household.
    • Single Person Households
      • A person living alone.
    • Symmetrical Family
      • Authority & household tasks shared.


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