Types of Family

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  • Types of Family
    • Nuclear Family
      • Privatized Nuclear Family
        • Isolated from extended kin
        • self-reliant
        • Post industrial family
      • Cereal Packet
      • Parents and unmarried children living in the same household
    • Extended Family
      • Classic Extended Family
        • Several family members live in the same house, street or area
      • Modified Extended Family
        • living apart geographically
        • Maintaining contact
      • 3 generations in one household
      • Inclusion of families of siblings in one household
    • Single Parent Family
      • Mother or Father
      • Co custody
      • Often a temporary arragment
    • Reconstituted Family
      • Members from two or more families
      • Children from previous marriages
    • Same Sex Family
      • Two Parents
      • Adoptive


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