Types of tissue - Muscle + connective tissue

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  • Types of tissue
    • muscle
      • Skeletal muscle
        • Voluntary
        • attached to bone
        • powerful contraction
        • striped (striated pattern)
      • Smooth muscle
        • involuntary
        • skin/walls of blood vessels, digestive tract
        • Individual spindle shaped cells (no stripes)
      • Cardiac muscle
        • Heart
        • myogenic - contract without influence from nerves /hormones
        • don't tire
        • half way between smooth + skeletal. striped but lack ling fibres compared to skeletal
    • Connective tissue
      • connect, support or separate tissues and organs
      • Contains elastic and collagen fibres in an extracellular fluid matrix
      • Between fibres are fat storage cells and cells (adipocytes) of the immune system
      • ligaments
        • connect bone to bone
      • Areolar
        • Connect organs to tissues
      • collagen
        • forms tendons that attach muscle to bone
      • Adipose
        • Fatty cells, surround organs and under skin


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