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  • Unit 1 Sociology
    • Questionnaire
      • various questions asked to a specific audience to gain required evidence.
    • Open Questions
      • questions which can be answered with anything, no set answers.
    • Closed questions
      • questions which has set answers provided.
    • Trends
      • data which follows a similar pattern
    • Standardised questions
      • similar questions which allow results to be easily analysed.
    • Response Rate
      • the amount of people who answered the questions give.
    • Quantitative Data
      • Data which is numerical and easier to analyse/ compare and spot trends
    • Structured interviews
      • an interview with set questions.
    • Semi Structured interview
      • an interview which has both preplanned and unplanned questions
    • Unstructured Interview
      • an interview with no preset questions
    • Focus group
      • a specific group of people are gathered and asked questions on a certain topic.
    • Research Population
      • the specific type of group being researched
    • Social Desirability
      • a type of response bias that is the tendency of survey respondents to answer questions in a manner that is deemed favourably by others.
    • Objective
      • a perspective which is not biased and influenced by emotions
    • Subjective
      • a response which may be biased due to emotions or aesthetics.
    • Observer effect
      • the idea that people act different when being observed, also known as the HAWTHORNE EFFECT
    • Primary research
      • research that has been collected first hand
    • Non participant observation
      • where the research does not join in with the research just watches
    • statistics
      • numerical data


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