Unit 4-1.3 Models of criminal justice

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  • Models of criminal justice
    • Crime control model
      • Removal of double jeopardy
      • Introduction of 'bad character' evidence and previous convictions
      • Detention time for terrorist offences extended
      • Seeks quick and efficient disposal of criminal cases
      • Linked to zero tolerance approach found in right realism. Doesn't address causes of crime or that it can be deterred through detection and conviction
    • Due process model
      • Focus on presumptions of innocence and fairness of protecting defendants rights
      • Left realism to focus on inequalities created by capitalist society
      • All intereviews are now recorded and suspects have the right to legal representation
      • Introduction of Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE)
      • Human Right Act allows criminal justice practices to be thoroughly looked at a from of human rights perspective


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