Unreported Crime Reasons

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  • Unreported Crime
    • Disinterest
      • The crime may not attract any attention or doesn't involve the person so they don't care
      • Eg. littering, smoking/ drug use, drug selling, underage drinking, vandalism
    • Fear
      • The victims are too scared to report the crime because of the repercussions or implications
      • Gang crime victims maybe scared to report the crime as the other gang members may come after them
      • Domestic abuse victims maybe scared to report as they may not be able to escape the abuser or they maybe a parent
    • Shame
      • The victim may feel embarrassed of the crime or fell that they will bring shame to their families by reporting it
      • ****, sexual abuse, honour crime victims, physical abuse, mental abuse, burglary/theft
    • Not effected
      • Victimless crimes are harder to report or find because no victim will be found or come forward
      • Murder, tax evasion usually aren't reported by the victim as they cannot or are unaware
    • Lack of Knowledge
      • They are unaware it is a crime so it isn't reported
      • Smoking in cars with anyone underage might not be well-known as a crime as it is relatively new 2015
        • This leads to less crimes being reported
    • Comlexity
      • They don't know that the crime has happened or how or report it or that its is too trivial to report
      • Burglary or vandalism may seem too trivial to report or certain groups eg elderly may not be aware of how to report
    • Lack of media interest
      • Some crimes sell and there may be a lack of interest for certain subjects eg theft and murder
      • People eg Mick Philpot are known to the public for using crimes for media attention and when they cant do that it may end up unreported
    • Level of Public Concern
      • Levels of public concern vary depending on the crime eg littering and ****
      • When people feel the public may not help solve their crime they may not report it
    • Culture-Bound Crimes
      • Its normalised in their culture or reporting may bring shame
      • They find it normal and do not view it as a crime


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