Unseen Prose

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  • Unseen Prose
    • Step 1
      • Consider the title, author and date
        • Do they provide any clues about the likely subject matter of the passage
    • Step 2
      • Read the passage through, making a brief note in the margin about the main point of each paragraph and immediate impressions
        • Decide what the passage is about
          • Introducing character/s
          • Describing setting/s
          • Presenting an event
          • starting or ending of a novel or chapter
        • What themes have you noticed?
    • Step 3
      • Explore the methods used by the writer to create meaning
        • Language Structure Form
          • Narrative Voice and Narrative Point Of View
          • Use Of Speech
          • The Characteristics of images, symbols and motifs
          • Description of Setting
          • Methods of Characterisation
          • Prose Style
    • Step 4
      • Reconsider the themes of the passage in light of your analysis
        • Language Structure Form
        • What more have you learnt?
        • Have your responses changed as a result of this analysis


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