human geography urbanisation - bristol - migration - push and pull factors

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  • rural-urban migration
    • the movement of people from rural to urban areas because of push/pull factors
  • why are cities growing? (HICs)
    • rapid industrial growth (industrial revolution in 19th and 20th century)
      • as a result 90% of the UK's population is now classed as urban
    • new farming machines - less people were needed on farms so they moved to the city where there were plenty of jobs in mines, factories and ship yards etc
      • as a result 90% of the UK's population is now classed as urban
  • push factors in LICs
    • poverty caused by work only being available in farming. therefore leading to land shortages- land is over used- others don't have space to farm- food shortage
    • drought leading to famine
  • pull factors in LICs
    • opportunities for better paying jobs
    • reliable food supply
    • better education, healthcare and safe water supply
    • big cities encourage investment from overseas companies
  • pull factors = what makes you want to go somewhere else
  • rio
    • population: 6.5 million
    • hosted world cup in 2014
  • north zone of Rio
    • quite poor
    • has a port
    • world cup stadium
    • favelas found in hilly areas - has mountains
    • lots of building - lots of business
  • south zone of rio
    • beaches
      • hotels
        • tourism
          • luxury apartments
    • luxury apartments
    • considered as the wealth pat of south america
    • tunnels used for transport as there are a lot of mountains
  • centro district of rio
    • central business district (CBD)
    • small olde buildings
    • headquarters of petrobas located here
    • not many people


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