Urinary Tract Infection

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  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
    • 3 Diagnostic Factors
      • Dysuria - burning pain when passing urine
      • Urine looks cloudy to the naked eye
      • New nocturia - passing urine more often than usual at night
    • Risk Factors
      • Post menopause
      • Presence of a foreigh body
      • Sexual activity
      • History of recurrent UTI
      • Poor bladder emptying
    • Common signs & symtoms
      • Positive family history of UTI's
      • Post menopause
      • History of recurrent UTI
      • Sexual activity
      • Recent antibiotics
      • Fever - this is the most common, however it is non-specific
    • Contributing factors to the development of a UTI
      • Ability of specific pathogen to produce infection
      • Individuals defense mechanism against specific pathogen


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