ursual bellugi

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  • Ursula bellugi (8,9,10)
    • negations
      • 1. no want milk                   2. i no want milk                  3. i do not want any milk.
    • pronouns
      • 1. serena wants milk       2. me  wants milk                  3. i want milk
        • first stage they use nouns instead of pronouns
          • second stage they use pronouns. they understand the difference between subject/object pronouns receptively, but use them   interchangeably
            • third stage they show adult-like mastery of pronouns
    • interogatives
      • 1. mummy go?                  2. where mummy go?     3. where did mummy go?
        • first stage they use rising intonation to signal that they are asking a question
          • second stage they start to use question words like: how, when, where, what and why
            • third stage  they begin to manipulate syntax of sentences and create more detailed questions using inversion
  • first stage they place negation at the beginning
    • second stage they place the negation in the middle of the sentence
      • third stage they use adult-like mastery
    • 1. no want milk                   2. i no want milk                  3. i do not want any milk.


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