USA in the Roaring '20s

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  • USA in the Roaring '20s
    • Entertainment
      • Cars
        • Helped cities grow
      • Radios
        • People who could not afford to buy one outright, purchased in instalments
        • Almost everyone listened to the radio
        • NBC making $150 million per year
        • A lot of choice of programmes
        • By August 1921, only one licensed radio station
          • By 1922 there were 508 of them
      • Flappers
        • Term given to fashionable young women who wore their dresses short and cut their hair short
          • Different from before war
    • Growing Cities
      • More people lived in towns and cities than countryside, first time in American history in 1920s
      • They imposed a skyline full of skyscrapers
        • In New York, built because no more available land, built on top of building
    • Sport
      • Al Capone was a baseball fan
      • Baseball became big money sport
        • Legendary teams like New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox
      • Boxing also very popular sport with heroes like world heavy weight Jack Dmepsey
    • Cinema
      • Hollywood developing
      • All round sunshine meant studios could produce large numbers of films or 'movies'
      • Douglas Fairbanks thrilled with daring adventure films
      • New stars like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton made audiences roar with laughter
      • Until 1927 films were silent
        • First 'talkie' in 1927


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