Use of computers

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  • Use of computers
    • Printing
      • Printers are capable of producing short full-colour runs with very fast delivery times.
        • Product designers are able to drastically reduce development times and costs.
    • On-demand printing quickly supplies the exact amount of copies to satisfy each customer's needs.
      • The use of computers in pre-press means that info can be stored and transferred digitally so designs can be quickly developed.
        • One designs are finalised, printing plates can quickly be produced using computer-to-plate technology.
          • This cuts out the long process of producing printing plates and instead data is transferred directly to a laser engraver that forms the plate
  • Printing costs can be reduced with digital printing machines that can operate up to 14,400 pages per hour.
  • Digital printing is well suited to production of short print runs as it doesn't require the making of printing plates.
  • The printed materials can be die-cut, folded, glued or bound using automated machinery.


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