ICT - Using ICT in schools

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  • Using ICT in schools
    • Registration Systems
      • E-registration can allow the data to be used for:
        • Absence, reason for and abnormal patterns of absence.
        • Exactly where a pupil is in case of emergency.
        • Swipe cards
        • Optical Mark reader (OMR)
        • Laptops
        • Finger print system
    • Management Information Systems (MIS)
      • =Helps to organise data and present it in a form that can be used by the school for administrative tasks.
      • Database:
        • Personal details
        • Home details
        • Contact details
        • School details
        • Can produce class lists
        • Stores results of grades
        • Tracks orders
        • Enteries for exams
        • Library system
        • Producing an inventory on what the school has bought
    • Timetables
      • Creating a timetable is very complex and so using a computer with an appropriate software can allow you to order the teachers, subjects, classrooms and pupils. Once it is produced it is fact that all the data is stored in a computer.
    • School events
      • Can help with shows and trips through the use of:
        • Spreadsheets
        • Databases
        • Publishing software
        • Word processers
        • MIDI
        • Lighting boards
        • Internet


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