Variable Affecting Conformity

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  • Variables Affecting Conformity
    • Unanimity
      • Unanimity means complete agreement from a group about an answer/viewpoint
      • Original Asch study confederates gave the same wrong answers and conformity was 37%
      • Variation: 1 confederate gave the correct answer throughout the research - conformity dropped to 5.5%
      • Variation: 'lone' confederate gave a different wrong answer - conformity dropped to 9%
      • Asch concluded that when a dissenter breaks the groups unanimous position conformity decreases.
    • Group Size
      • Conformity rates increase as the size of a majority group increases.
      • 1 real participant, 1 confederate - conformity was 3%
      • 1 real participant, 2 confederates - Conformity increases to 13%
      • 1 real participant, 3 confederates - conformity increased to 32%
      • Conformity plateaued after 3 confederates
      • Suggests that the size of the majority does have an effect on conformity but only to a point.
    • Task Difficulty
      • Conformity increases as task difficulty increases.
      • Variation: Asch made the stimulus line and comparison lines more similar in length to make the task more ambiguous.
        • When the task difficulty increased conformity rates increased.
      • Suggests that ISI plays a greater role when the task becomes harder.
        • When situations are unclear, we are more likely to go to others for guidance.
      • As the right answer becomes less obvious we lose confidence in our own ability and are more likely to conform.


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