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  • experiments and variables
    • experiments
      • always had an IV and DV
      • experiments are trying to find a difference
      • only research method you can assume cause and effect
    • variables
      • anything that can be measured and can change
        • eg age, test scores
      • independent variable
        • the variable being manipulated by researcher to see if there's an effect on the dependent variable
        • what changes
        • always put both sides of IV
      • dependent variable
        • the effect- the thing being measured by researcher
        • what we measure
        • always use units
          • eg time taken in seconds to run 100 metres...
      • extraneous variables
        • any unwanted variable that could affect the results (other than iv) if not controlled
        • if extraneous variable is not controlled it will confound the results (alter) so results are meaningless
      • confound variables
        • its an extraneous variable which DID effect/ influence the IV
        • confound variables can occur when...
          • lack of control over pp
          • lack of  control over materials used
          • lack of control over enviroment
          • lack of control over practise and order effects


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