Food and Nutrition- Vegetarianism

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  • Vegetarianism
    • Health Benefits
      • healthier-lower cholestorol
      • more vitamins and minerals to prevent deficiency diseases
      • more fibre to help the digestive system
      • lose weight as there is a lot of fat in meat so they won't be getting all the fat
    • Protein Alternatives
      • Tofu- made by curdling soya milk with calcium sulphate
      • TVP- made from soya bean flour with fat removed
      • Quorn- the ingredient is mushroom in origin
    • Reasons for Vegetarianism
      • some people think it is healthier
      • you may have been bought up as a vegetarian
      • you may not like the taste, or you may not be able to afford meat as it is very expensive
      • some think its wrong to kill animals for food or don't like the way animals are kept
      • some people think its fashionable or vegetarianismis their religious requirment


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