Victoria Climbie

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  • Victoria Climbie
    • Timeline
      • November 2nd 1991 - Victoria Climbie is born
        • November 1998 - Victoria leaves the Ivory Coast with Marie-Therese
          • April-June 1999 - Victoria arrives in England after living in France
            • July 1999 - Marie-Therese and Victoria move into Carl Manning's home in Tottenham
              • The suspected start of Victoria's abuse happened a few days later
                • July 14th 1999 - Victoria made her first visit to the Central Middlesex Hospital
                  • Victoria's injuries were reported by her childminder as suspicious
                    • Child protection authorities were alerted - the home visit was cancelled after staff had hear rumours of Victoria having scabies
                      • July 24th 1999 - Victoria is taken to North Middlesex Hospital's casualty department
                        • This was for scalding to her face and head
                          • Marie-Therese 's excuse was that they did it to stop her scratching her scalp
                            • August 6th 1999 - Victoria is released from hospital back to Marie-Therese
                              • October 1999 - Victoria was forced to sleep in a bin liner from now until the following January
                                • November 1st 1999 - Marie-Therese tells social workers that Manning has sexually assalted Victoria
                                  • The accusation was withdrawn the next day and no further action as taken
                                    • February 24th 2000 - Victoria is rushed to North Middlesex Hospital
                                      • Viictoria was suffering from malnutrition and hypothermia
                                        • She was transferred to another hospital fr intesive ce
                                          • February 25th 2000 - Victoria is declared dead
                                            • 128 separate inures and scars were found on her body
    • Who failed Victoria?
      • Social workers
      • Health service staff
      • Police
      • Child protection authorities
    • After Victoria's death
      • Marie-Therese and Carl were convicted of murder an sentenced to life imprisonment
        • In 2001
      • The parties involved in her case were scrutinised
        • Social workers and others were sacked
      • The Lord Laming Inquiry in 2003
        • 108 recommendations were made
      • The Children's Act 2004
        • Implemented by the government
      • Every Child Matters Scheme
        • Implemented by the government


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