Revelation- views of God

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  • Views of God
    • Islam
      • Believes in and worships one god- Allah
      • The prophet Muhammed received a series of revelations from Allah and wrote them down in the Qu'ran
      • Allah is Lord of the worlds
      • They believe he created the world and all living things
      • They can find Allah in the everyday way they lead their life
    • Buddhism
      • No belief of a God
      • It is more important to find the way to Nirvana
      • Some believe that spirits and Gods exist however because the Buddha spoke of them
    • Sikhism
      • Believes in one true God. Wahegru (Eternal truth) who is the maker of all things
      • Guru Nanak is founder and had direct contact with God
      • He's immortal, unborn and self-existent
      • All people are equal in the sight of God.
    • Hinduism
      • Brahman is the supreme spirit of the universe
      • Important to find union with Brahman
      • Brahman can take many forms for Brahman has many features.
      • Brahman is all powerful, controlling all things
    • Judaism
      • There is one God who is creator of all things. He's all-powerful, all-knowing and always present
      • God is a god of love, he will protect and care if good but punish if bad.He makes you realise your mistakes
    • Christianity
      • There is one god (heavenly father). He is forgiving, powerful and gloryful
      • Without God nothing would exist
      • God forgives sins, God came to us in the form of Jesus,He lead us not into temptation but delivered us from evil.


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