Views on Contraception

This mindmap shows the protestant and roman catholic views on contraception.

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  • Views on Contraception
    • Roman Catholic
      • Contraception is sinful
      • The main purpose of sexual intercourse is procreative
      • Contraception either prevents pregnancy or acts as an abortifacient, which is tantamount to murder
      • Natural methods of family planning, e.g. tracking the rhythm of the menstrual cycle, are permitted as these do not set out to interfere with God's plan
    • Protestant
      • It is acceptable
      • God  gave humans the capacity for responsible decision making and this includes decisions about having children
      • Procreation is not the primary purpose of sexual intercourse
      • There might be good reasons for not wanting children: poverty, wanting to space the births, a genetic disorder or the HIV virus carried by one partner
      • If unmarried people are determined to have sexual relationships, then using contraception is the responsible action to take


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