volcanic hazard impacts

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  • volcanic hazard impacts
    • lava flows
      • destroys everything i its paths through burial, crushing and heat
        • this can destroy infrastructure and agriculture affecting road, business and farms
    • volcanic ash/ tephra
      • can cause respiratory problems and inflame pre existing respiratory problems e.g. asma
      • small particles can scratch the front of the eye
      • may cause damage to aircraft
      • can also burry plants and ***** trees damaging agriculture
    • gases
      • heavy gases such as carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide can collect in low lying areas
      • sulfur dioxide can cause breathing problems in everyone. It may also cause headaches, dizziness and headaches
      • may  also cause short term climate change
    • pyroclasatic flow
      • extremely hot and fast meaning that escape is rare
      • can destroy infrastructure and agriculture
      • one of the deadlies form s of hazards
    • landslides
      • can travel large distances  covering everything in its paths in volcanic material
      • can bury towns and agriculture
    • lahars
      • major killer
      • can bury towns e.g. after the colombia 1985
    • glacial bursts
      • creates major flooding
        • wash away roads and rivers
        • destroy agriculture
    • tsunamis
      • caused by submarine eruptions or as a secondary impact of pyroclastic flows and lahars
      • can destroy infrastructure with massive waves and agriculture as well as drown people


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