Voluntary manslaughter - diminished responsibility

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  • Diminished responsibility
    • An abnormality of mental functioning
      • R v Byrne
    • Which arose from a recognised medical condition
      • Medical evidence must be given at the trial
      • Can be psychological or physical conditions
        • Autism
          • R v Conroy
        • Alcohol dependency syndrome
          • R v Wood
        • Epilepsy
          • R v Campbell
        • Chronic depression
          • R v Gittens
    • Substantially impaired D's ability to:
      • Understand the nature of his conduct
      • Form a rational judgement
      • Exercise self-control
      • R v Campbell
      • R v Lloyd
      • R v Golds
    • Provides an explanation for D's acts or omissions
      • Abnormality of mental functioning must be linked to the murder
        • Must be a significant contributory factor in causing the D to carry out that conduct


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