War Photographer Analysis For IGCSE English Literature

Full analysis of War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy for the poetry comparison.

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  • War Photographer
    • Plot
      • This poem is about a war photographer who starts off sat alone in his room watching photographs develop
        • He watches a photo form in front of him and is brought back to the moment he took it. He feels an extreme amount of guilt.
          • Guilt turns to anger which is directed at the English people and the printing press who do not care about his work.
    • Language
      • Sibilance
        • Hissing effect, quite eerie. Makes for uncomfortable reading.
      • Symbolism
        • The idea of a 'darkroom' and the light being red shows danger and evil which establishes a tone.
      • Lists
        • List of countries drag it out. Monotony. Rhetorical effect.
      • Short Sentences
        • Sense of immediacy.  Disrupts the flow; reader has to pay attention.
      • Distance
        • The word choice creates a sense of distance between the reader and the story which is crucial as this is the message of the poem.
      • Onomat.
        • Ugly onomat. "solutions slop"; unideal
    • Structure
      • Tone
        • It gets more angry at the poem goes on.
      • Evil
        • At the start images of a darkroom and red lights are presented. This foretells danger, and the source of danger and evil changes through the poem. At the start we think the photographer is evil, but then we think the war is evil and finally we think the English people are evil.
    • Form
      • 4 stanzas
      • 6 line stanzas
      • ABBCDD rhyme scheme
      • Difficult-to-follow rhyme scheme reflects the job he does.
      • Lots of enjambement
      • Disrupted rhythm from caesura
    • Imagery
      • Isolation
        • A strange idea of isolation. It says "finally alone"; he has looked forward to being alone.
      • War
        • The images of war, but not just the fighting but the human response to war.
      • Danger
        • The images of red lights and red blood
    • Effects
      • Untitled


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