properties of water

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  • Water
    • water is a polar molecule
      • polar = unequal distribution of charge
      • hydrogens are positive whilst oxygens are negative
    • Cohesive
      • Because its polar
      • = water molecules interact with one another
      • Significance = water can move up tissues like the xylem in plants
    • High surface tension
      • because its polarity
      • = molecules at the surface interact more tightly together
      • Significance = organisms can survive at the top of the water (pond skater)
    • transparency
      • Significance = plants below surface can carry out photosynthesi-s
    • A solvent
      • = water is a powerful solvent because of its polarity
      • Significance = can be used to transport things in blood + xylem
    • High specific heat capacity
      • = water  stays a relatively similar temp due to its high heat capacity
      • Significance = temp of water in cells and aquatic environments will stay relatively similar so enzymes can still function at optimum
    • high latent heat
      • water molecules absorb heat before they evaporate ( to break hydrogen bonds)
      • Significance = transfer hear energy during sweating
    • Density
      • = becomes less dense as it freezes so moves to surface
      • Significance = insulates the water beneath, so that organisms can still function at their optimum temp


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