water and carbon cycles in the maderia basin

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  • water and carbon cycles in the madeira basin
    • how is the madeira basin used by humans
      • deforestation
        • why is it occuring
          • logging, for precious woods like mahognay,
          • to make room for grazing of cattle farms,
        • impacts
          • water cycle: there are less trees so there is less transpiration meaning less precipitation, and this occurs in a cycle
          • carbon cycle: the trees that are being cut down would of helped to balance the carbon cycle as they take in carbon dioxide and release carbon
      • farming
        • the outskirts of the forest are noe beingg used as a areas to breed cattle,
        • after the area has been used for a few years the ground is unsuable and more of the forest needs to be cut down for the cows to graze
        • impacts
          • carbon cycle: cows relase large amounts of methane that is a greenhouse gass, and trees need to be cut down for them to graze which reduces carbon
          • water cycle: because of the changes to the soil, alot of soil ends up getting in the water supply and polluting the water- soil erosion
        • why is it happening
      • dams
        • why is it occuring
          • because of the large amounts of water there is alot of potential for hydroelectric power
            • but this causes problems as the dams that need to be built will flood large areas of the rainforest,
            • the first big dam that was built was in the maderia basin on the jamari river the resovious is 540 km2, there hace been 2 more dams being built
        • impacts
          • water cycle: there will be less water in the system because it is now in the resiour not in the trees and the cylce of evapourating and precipitation
          • carbon cycle: when these dams are built large areas need to be cleared for the reservoir as well as there will be times when there is large floods, which can damage the trees
    • how does natural change impact on the water cycle in the maderia basin
      • in the morning there is alot of evapouratranspiration occuing
        • later on in the day there is likely to be precipitation
      • over the year there arent large changes in the temperature but there is changes in the precipitation
        • the reason there is a change in the rainfall throughout the year is because of the runoff od the andrean highlands into the tributaries


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