Water Conflicts

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  • Water Conflicts
    • Physical factors affecting water supply
      • Case Study: Factors affecting California's water supply
    • How water stress can occur
      • Examples: India vs China
    • How human activity can make water stress worse - pollution, over extraction and salt water incursion
    • Issue of developing water pathways
      • The Snowy Mountains Scheme
    • How water supply is linked to development - WPI
      • Examples: Canada vs. India
    • Geopolitics of water supply within a country
      • Case Study: Colorado River, USA
    • What problems can the use of water sources create?
      • Case Study: Aral Sea
    • Conflicts over shared water source
      • Case Study: Middle East Water Conflicts
    • Water Futures
    • Alternative strategies for managing water supplies in the future
      • Case Study China's Three Gorges Dam
      • Case Study: China's South-North Transfer project
      • Case Study: Restoring the Aral Sea
    • Role of technology in solving future problems


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