Ways of dealing with ethical issues

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  • Ways of Dealing with Ethical Issues
    • BPS code of conduct
      • Includes a set of ethical guidelines
      • BPS = British psychology society
      • Researchers have a professional duty to observe these guidelines when conducting research
      • An attempt to ensure all ppts are treated with respect & consideration
      • Use a cost-benefit approach to determine whether particular research proposals are ethically acceptable
    • Dealing with Informed Consent
      • Ppts should be issued with consent letter detailing all relevant info that might affect their decision to participate
      • Investigations involving those under 16, a signature of parent consent is required
    • Debriefing
      • A way to deal with deception & protection from harm
      • At end of study ppts should receive a full debrief
      • Within this ppts should be made aware of true aims of research & any other details they weren't told
      • Ppts should be told what their data will be used for & be given right to withhold data if they wish
      • Ppts should be reassured that their behaviour was normal
      • Ppts that have been subject to stress or embarrassment may require counselling which should be provided by researcher
    • Dealing with Confidentiality
      • If personal details are held they must be protected
      • Its more usual to simply record no personal details (anonymity)
        • Use numbers or initials instead
      • It is standard practise that during briefing & debriefing ppts are reminded their data will be protected throughout


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