Weimar Constitution

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  • Wei mar Government and Constitution
    • President has supreme political powers and chose the chancellor.
      • Could suspend the constitution and pass laws by decree
    • Chancellor was head of government in Weimar Republic and chose all Government ministers (cabinet)
    • Reichstag was the most powerful house between reichstrat and itself. It controlled taxation and directly elected by the people every 4 years
    • Strengths of Weimar Constitution
      • Proportional representation made sure small parties had a fair share of seats
      • Women able to vote as well as men
      • Voting age from 25 to 21
      • No one held too much power
    • Weaknesses of Weimar constitution
      • Proportional Representation led to coalition governments  that were unstable, or found it difficult to have strong policies
      • Lack of strong government led to weakness in a crisis that ended up with the president laws without consent of reichstag
      • Was not the choice of the people therefore unpopular


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