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  • Solutions to stop politicians exploiting refugees for political gain.
    • The media legally required to fact check politicians.
    • Refugees having a voice-over what politicians say about them.
    • Use cross-party committees to scrutinise policies.
    • Politicians should be obliged to provide both sides of the argument unbiased.
    • Legislation banning the political condemnation of refugees.
    • More control over what politicians release to the media and what is then published.
    • Less emphasis on referendums so that politicians don’t have to pander to the public
    • Make sure the house of lords has a say over each bill passed
    • Proper selection of MP’s who are credible
    • Don’t allow for extremist parties
    • Take the issue out of the uks hands by involving the eu or the un
    • Increased number of protests
    • Petitions for the government to influence policy
    • Social media used to raise awareness
    • Social media used to pressure politicians
    • Government lobbying
    • More general elections
    • More accountability on politicians
    • Use real-life examples of this issue in the past


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