Western (prayer book) rebellion - 1549

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  • Western (prayer book) rebellion - 1549
    • Causes
      • Wanted religious reforms to be reversed
      • Grievances about taxation
      • Angry about enclosure & sheep tax
    • Events
      • Rebels from Devon and Cornwall met at Credition
      • Rebels had no intention of marching to London
        • They wanted the govt to com to them
      • Govt reacted very slowly
        • Somerset underestimated the severity of the situation
        • Troops were already fighting wars in Scotland and East Anglia
      • Lord Russell advanced on the rebels and they were defeated at Clyst Heath
        • Final rebels defeated at Sampford Courtenay
    • Aims
      • Return of Latin Bible
      • Return of Cardinal Pole
      • Church to revert to religious procedures in place with Henry VIII (act of six articles)
    • Failures of rebellion
      • Rebels had little knowledge of catholic/protestant doctrine
      • It was a spontaneous uprising (little prep)
      • No military threat & no real attempt to challenge govt
      • Far from London (momentum dissipated)
      • Didn't launch an attack on London


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