what affects rate of enzyme catalysed reactions?

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  • factors that affect the rate of enzyme catalysed reactions
    • Temperature
      • low temp
        • when temp is low there is less KE so substrates move slower and less enzyme-substrate complexes are formed
      • Optimal temperature
        • maximum rate of enzyme-substrate complex formation
      • Above optimum
        • temp is too high and enzymes become denatured as bonds break and the active site is changed
    • pH
      • when pH is raised/lowered from optimum temperature bonds in the enzyme break changing the active sites shape and reducing rate as fewer enzyme-substrate complexes can be formed
    • Substrate Concentration
      • rate depends on substrate conc as if the enzyme conc is constant as substrate increase so will rate until the point when the enzymes are working at full capacity and rate will remain constant
    • Enzyme concentration
      • rate of reaction is directly proportional to rate (when substrate is in excess)
      • if substrate is not in excess the rate will increase when the enzyme increases until all the substrate is gone


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